A group of technology development engineers

with a entrepreneur mindset creates unique value.

Osaka Soda has produced many specialty chemicals having world top shares based on our innovative and unique technology.

The Development and Commercialization Division (D&C Div.) is a group of engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset, directly above the Innovation Center, which aims to further improve the fundamental technologies at the core of Osaka Soda.

At the Innovation Center, the Development Planning Group, which uses our company's proprietary technologies to explore and plan development themes, and the Development Sales Group, which collaborates with each business division to acquire new customers and verify business models, work together to unitarily promote the development and commercialization of new products that meet market needs.

Under the control of the command center, which consists of the Development Planning and Development Sales Groups, each development group is engaged in the development of new materials, new grades around existing businesses, and new applications.

Osaka Soda strongly accelerates the speed of commercialization through close cooperation with the organizations having different roles and also creates unique value that will enrich society in the future.