Mid-term Management Plan "Shape the Future - 2025"

Osaka Soda Group has formulated a three-year medium-term management plan “Shape the Future - 2025,” that started in fiscal 2023.

“Shape the Future - 2025” focuses on our ideal image of our group in 2035, the 120th anniversary of our founding. In order to realize our vision for 2025, which is a milestone on our journey, we will work on the following three basic policies: continuous strengthening of our base in existing businesses, strengthening of new product creation capabilities, and the promotion of sustainability management.

By promoting important measures based on the business foundations strengthened in the previous mid-term management plan and enhancing our ability to achieve sustainable growth, we are aiming to achieve record results in the final year.

Consolidated financial goals in FY2025

Mid-term Management Plan and Business Performance

Basic Policy of "Shape the Future - 2025"

1. Continuous strengthening of our base in existing businesses

We will expand our business base by generating stable cash from existing businesses and actively investing in growth areas.

Basic chemicals

We will actively strengthen facility management and invest in maintenance and renewal. We will also aim to continue production with maximum use of current facilities and maintain and expand our sales share.

Functional chemicals

In addition to cultivating the market for global niche-top products and developing new applications, we will work to expand our business scale by expanding sales of Acrylic Rubber and Non-phthalate Allyl Resin.


We will steadily capture growing demand, strengthen our profitability, and increase production capacity to prepare for future demand growth.

2. Strengthening of new product creation capabilities

We will strengthen company-wide efforts to further promote market-in-type development and nurture the products that will become the pillars of the next generation. Furthermore, to speed up development, we will strengthen progress management of development themes, flexible human resource allocation, development infrastructure, and promote external resources utilization such as alliances and investments.

Environment and Energy

Materials that contribute to the environment and energy, such as improved energy efficiency, longer product life and solvent free products


  • High ion conductive materials for all-solid-state batteries


Functional materials that support the electrification of mobility provided by CASE, MaaS and Society 5.0


  • New acrylic rubber


Information and Communication

Products required for advanced telecommunications networks that form the foundation of a smart society


  • Silver nanoparticles for sintering pastes

Health and Healthcare

New pharmaceutical purification materials and technologies, anti-aging materials


  • Purification materials for biopharmaceuticals
  • Anti-aging materials


3. Promotion of sustainability management

The Sustainability Committee, which was established in October 2022, will take the lead in strengthening sustainability management based on the basic policy of “Aim to combine contributing to the realization a sustainable society through our corporate value.”

We will further enhance our corporate value through various measures such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting measures to reduce our environmental impact, promoting women’s active engagement, investing in human capital such as through human resource training and education, enhancing the quality and quantity of disclosed information, and enhancing communication with investors.

4. Shareholder return policy

Our Group considers the distribution of profits to shareholders to be an important responsibility. Dividends are determined by comprehensively taking into account factors such as the results of each fiscal year, the continuity of stable dividends, and internal reserves for future business development.

In the new medium-term management plan “Shape the Future-2025,” we aim to achieve a total shareholder return ratio of 40% by continuing stable dividends and utilizing stock buybacks.