Mid-term Management Plan "EMPOWER THE NEXT-22"

OSAKA SODA GROUP has formulated a new medium-term management plan, EMPOWER THE NEXT-22, for the period from fiscal 2021 to 2022.

In order to realize aspirations (I wish to be) for the year 2035, the 120th anniversary of our founding, we will promote management focusing on the three areas, "Achieving a sustainable society” , “Pursuit of global competitiveness” and “Growing together with our employees as a company”, to further enhance our corporate value and competitiveness.

Consolidated financial goals in FY2022

Mid-term Management Plan and Business Performance

Basic Policy of "EMPOWER THE NEXT-22"

1. Building a resilient business foundation

Chemicals business, Functional chemicals business, and Healthcare business will be positioned as core businesses and resilient strategy will be pursued.

Segment Business Activities
Basic Chemicals Chemicals We will build a structure that generates stable earnings
with strong resilience to changes in the business
environment as the earnings base that supports the
growth strategies of the functional products business
and the healthcare business.
Functional Chemicals Functional
As a growth engine, we will work to deepen the market
for global niche-top products, develop new applications,
and launch new products.
Healthcare To respond to changes in pharmaceutical modalities,
expand existing businesses in APIs, intermediates,
and purification materials, and enhance technology and
product lineups to acquire new projects.

2. Promotion of market-in-type development

We aim for early market launch by accurately grasping customer needs under the leadership of the business division, planning new products together with the R&D division, and quickly developing them. Especially we will promote development themes that make full use of originality in the fields of 'Mobility', 'Information and communication', 'Environment and energy' and 'Health and healthcare'.


Functional materials that support the electrification of mobility pro
vided by CASE, MaaS and Society 5.0

  • Super heat resistant acrylic rubber
  • Sensor and actuator
  • Polymer alloy
  • Thermal management materials


Information and Communication

Products required for advanced telecommunications networks that form the foundation of a smart society

  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Silver nanoparticles for sintering pastes
  • Low dielectric tangential resins
  • Optical materials for 5G

      (5th generation mobile communication system)


Environment and Energy

Materials that contribute to the environment and energy, such as improved energy efficiency, longer product life and solvent free products

  • High ion conductive materials for all-solid-state batteries
  • Polymer electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries
  • Water-based anode binder
  • New coupling agents for green tires


Health and Healthcare

New pharmaceutical purification materials and technologies, anti-aging materials

  • Purification materials for biopharmaceuticals
  • Protein for antibody purification
  • APIs and intermediates

       (Highly potent pharmaceuticals / Biopharmaceuticals)

  • Anti-aging materials


3. Efforts to achieve the SDGs

We contribute to the realization of a sustainable global environment through all corporate activities. In addition, we aim to become a corporate group capable of sustainable growth by strengthening existing businesses and establishing a competitive advantage through the development of new products.

  • We aim to solve social issues and create new growth oppotunities. Our business activities contribute to existing products and businesses and reflect the SDGs in development policies for new products and new businesses.
  • As part of our corporate responsibility, we will promote manufacturing with consideration for the 'Environment and safety' and creating a better workplace. Strengthening efforts to achieve non-financial targets, such as greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

4. Reforming corporate culture and organizational culture

Under the new management philosophy system, we will reform our business system and personnel system, and raise the level of our organizational capabilities and human resources capabilities thr ough business reform activities at all levels.

  • To put “Mission Statement” and “Vision into practice and firmly establish Redefining and disseminating the ideal image of our employees under the new Mission Statement” and “Vision Statement”
  • Increasing operational efficiency through use of systems and Introduction and utilization of a system to improve the efficiency of work flow
  • Renovation of personnel system, Permeation of organizational management and Development of self directed human resources