Key components of our original highly functional chemical products


Allyl chloride and epichlorohydrin are manufactured through the chlorination of propylene.
Allyl chloride is used in allylic compounds and many other chemical products and synthetic resins. It is also using for the basic ingredient of epichlorohydrin.
Epichlorohydrin is used mainly as the basic ingredient of epoxy resins which are necessary to Japan's strategic automobiles and electronics devices. It is also used in many other fields including construction and infrastructure development.
We also manufacture original highly functional chemical products from allyl chloride and epichlorohydrin.


Printed circuit boards




Anticorrosion paint for bridges, ships and automobiles


Agricultural chemicals



Allyl chloride, [DC]


Sealing for electronic components such as memory chips, CPUs and semiconductors, electrodeposition coating for automobiles, powder coating for home appliances, paper strengthening agent, carbon fiber binder, high refractive index lenses, metal adhesives and active pharmaceutical ingredients.


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