Special synthetic rubber which contributes to improvement of environmental performance of automobiles


The acrylic rubber called “RACRESTER™” is a special synthetic rubber with high heat resistance and oil resistance. It is being used in more severe heat environments such as around the engine of an eco-friendly vehicle equipped with a turbo engine more required due to recently increased environmental awareness. In addition, we developed some special grades with low-temperature property or metal corrosion resistance using a compounding technique in order to meet customers’ advanced requirements.

Main applications



Turbocharger hose





Intercooler hose, Power steering hose, Air intake hose, etc.


Acrylic Rubber[RACRESTER™] 

Chemical structure of Acrylic rubber

“RACRESTER™”, which was developed using our evaluation technique built up by our epichlorohydrin rubber “Epichlomer™” production process, has better heat resistance following fluorocarbon rubber (FKM) and silicone rubber, and has better oil resistance next to FKM, nitrile rubber (NBR), and epichlorohydrin rubber (ECO). By controlling the balance between the main chain monomer and cross-linkable monomer, it can be developed not only for general purpose but also for special grades, with high heat resistance, oil resistance, and cold resistance.

Grade map of RACRESTER™ series

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