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Allyl ethers are multifunctional organic intermediates that produced from allyl chloride or epichlorohydrin, and are used in applications high functionality required.
In particular, allyl glycidyl ether is used as a raw material for silane coupling agent that aids in bonding a variety of chemical substances. It is used in a broad range of industrial applications such as electronic materials (e.g. semiconductor sealant and printed circuit boards) and the high functional coatings.


Semiconductor sealants and printed circuit boards



High gloss wood paint




Laundry durability improvement agent, pigment fixing agent



Resin cross-linking agent, automobile repair compound, industrial boiler scale inhibitor (a water scale adhesion inhibitor), paper surface functional coatings. Also enhances functionality of ship bottom paint, window frame sealant, and functional paints.


Allyl Glycidyl Ether[NEOALLYL™ G] | Trimethylolpropane Diallyl Ether[NEOALLYL™ T-20] | Pentaerythritol Triallyl Ether[NEOALLYL™ P-30] | Glycerine Monoallyl Ether[NEOALLYL™ E-10] | Diallyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride[DADMAC™]

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