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We have original organic synthetic technology which has grown out of our experience in manufacturing optically active (chiral) compounds used widely as key components for pharmaceuticals, and in biotech which includes the extraction and purification of proteins from natural products and recombinant DNA technology.
Using both its organic synthetic technology and biotechnology, we provide specialized manufacturing and contract R&D services for APIs and their intermediates.
We have recently started industrial scale manufacture using a recombinant enzyme to produce sialic acid (a kind of saccharides), which is one of raw materials of antiviral agents. Furthermore, we have been developing sugar chain related compounds which are expected to be utilized for biomedicines.
In addition, we have expanded the business into the diagnostic reagent field. One of our products is UBASTEC™-AUTO, the world's first diagnostic reagent for liver diseases based on the analysis of urine.
OSAKA SODA Group responds to wide-ranging requirements from our customers by providing comprehensive services from contract research and establishment of the processes, to commercial production under strict control through our GMP* quality management system.


* GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice): A standard for manufacturing and quality management of drugs and quasi drugs.


Contract manufacturing of various APIs and their intermediates

Diagnostic reagents

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