Improves low fuel consumption tires

[CABRUS™]*1 is a polysulfide type silane coupling agent used as an additive for low fuel consumption tires. Tires that include sillica using polysulfide silane coupling agent consume less fuel and can reduce CO2 emissions, and are called "green tires" in Europe where they have grown especially popular.

CABRUS™ aids the coupling of rubber and silica, which normally do not have an affinity for each other.

The rotational resistance*2 of the tire, which is due to heat being generated through friction with the road, is reduced and thereby fuel consumption is also improved. CABRUS™ also achieves superior braking performance on wet roads, too.

*1 : CABRUS™ consists of the initial of Coupling Agent for Bonding RUbber and Silica.

*2 : Rotational resistance: heat generation of tires by vibration and friction against the ground while running.


Low fuel consumption tire

It is said that tires are responsible for 20% of fuel consumption in cars. Tires generate heat through vibration and friction against the ground while running, and this heat is called rotational resistance. By using CABRUS™, this heat generation is reduced.

Other Usages Expect Tire

CABRUS™ is used for anti-vibration rubber. In addition, it is adopted for flooring panels with superior to wear resistance and anti-static performance at Kansai International Airport and other public floors.

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