Our independently developed mercury removal and reclamation technology contributes to the global environment


OSAKA SODA Group is contributing to zero emissions and the development of a recycling society through its mercury reclamation business and recycling of used fluorescent lights and mercury lamps.
[DAISO-MR™]* has superior mercury adsorption properties and enables its processing facilities to efficiently remove and reclaim the mercury contained in fluorescent lights, mercury lamps, electrical discharge tubes and LCD backlights. In addition, we recycle the glass, metal and plastic as well.
As a result of the home appliances recycling law, in addition to fluorescent lighting and special discharge tubes, personal computers and LCD television backlights are being recycled more and more, and our business is expanding in Japan.


* DAISO-MR™ : Mercury Removal technology independently developed by OSAKA SODA.

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Materials recycling plant: JMR Co., Ltd.

Recycling of mercury, glass, fluorescent powder and metals

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