Basic Chemicals
A core business ever since out founding

In 1915, OSAKA SODA CO., LTD. started its chlor-alkali business producing "caustic soda", "chlorine", and "hydrogen" via electrolysis of salt, from which the company name, "OSAKA SODA," was actually derived.
Chlor-alkali products including caustic soda are used in a variety of applications ranging from bleaching of paper/pulp and textile to sterilization of water supply and sewerage systems, fertilizers/detergents, and metal surface treatment.
In addition, "allyl chloride" and "epichlorohydrin" manufactured through "chlorination" obtained via electrolysis, are used in multiple industrial products such as information technology/electrotechnology devices, painting materials, agricultural chemicals, and pharmaceutical products, as raw materials of chemical products including resin.
These basic chemicals literally play thankless but vital roles and support our society.

Caustic soda

Functional Chemicals
Business aimed at producing niche but best in the world products

Most of our functional chemicals are manufactured mainly from "allyl chloride" and "epichlorohydrin". Integrated production from raw materials makes our functional chemicals including synthetic rubbers/resins and allyl ethers highly competitive. They are niche products but have gained the world's top class market shares.
For example, our functional chemicals provide high additional value in various growth industries including the information technology/electrotechnology industry and automobile industry. They include special synthetic rubbers which are used for automotive fuel hoses and intake/exhaust hoses, DAP resin which is an environmentally friendly material for UV printing inks, and allyl ethers as materials for silane coupling agents. All these products are distributed globally.


Healthcare Products
Business to accelerate growth of the next generation

OSAKA SODA CO., LTD. is currently addressing the development of healthcare businesses. Our competitive products, such as chiral intermediates, saccharides, nucleotides, and enzymes, are important ingredients for investment in new pharmaceuticals. Our cGMP facilities provide a wide range of support for the development and production of new active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates as well as off-patent APIs.
Our technology and knowledge of organic synthesis and biotechnology allow us to expand our business from pharmaceuticals to cosmetic materials and functional foods. Our polysaccharides and fatty acids are key materials for cosmetic and food additive developments.
We also offer a highly competitive product: spherical silica gel for the purification of APIs. Our variety of silica and GMP-qualified modifications support highly purified medicine synthesis.
OSAKA SODA, as a total solution company, provides comprehensive services for health care industries with unique organic synthesis and purification materials.

Functional food material

Environmental Products
Business to protect the beautiful global environment

With the use of accumulated know-how and technologies, OSAKA SODA CO., LTD. provides environment-friendly products such as modifiers for energy-saving tires and highly durable electrodes.
Furthermore, we also contribute to promotion of zero-emission and creation of a recycling society through our resource recycling business which applies the technology used in "DAISO-MR™," a mercury adsorbent.

Material Recycling