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Chlor-Alkali products are manufactured via the electrolysis of salt. In addition to being sold as products themselves, they are also used as basic raw materials from which many other products are manufactured by OSAKA SODA Group. We ensure stable supply by implementing the integrated system of production from raw material to finished product.
Our main chlor-alkali products which include caustic soda, caustic potash and chlorine gas are used in a variety of industries such as paper and pulp, textile and food, and are also broadly used as basic materials crucial to the production of other chemical products.


Paper/pulp bleach

Caustic soda, sodium chlorate

Fiber bleach

Sodium hypochlorite, sodium chlorite

Drinking water sterilization

Sodium hypochlorite


Food taste enhancement, sterilization of fresh produce, water absorbing polymer for paper diapers and sanitary goods, soap, mildewcide, room sterilization, agricultural chemicals, fertilizer, occulation agent for wastewater treatment, aluminum and petrochemical products.


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