Environmentally-friendly high-endurance electrodes


OSAKA SODA Group's electrodes reduce power consumption and thus play a role in protecting the environment. In addition their superior durability and long lifetime contribute much to reducing operational costs to the users. NEOLORD™ series was made possible through our independently-developed dimensionally-stable electrode technology, which is based on the electrochemistry and knowhow that we have built up since our establishment.
These products are used in many areas from industrial facilities to consumer uses, including chemical manufacture, steel sheet plating, electrolytic copper foil and printed circuit board plating. In particular, we take much pride in this state-of-art electrodes as oxygen-evolving quality electrodes for electrogalvanized steel sheet.


Electrodes for chlor-alkali production

Chlorine evolving electrodes

Steel sheet for the body of home appliances

Oxygen evolving electrodes

Copper foil for Lithium ion battery

Oxygen evolving electrodes


Seawater electrolysis equipment for power stations, acid electrolytic solution for sterilization service, alkali ion water conditioners.

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