Low chlorine/high-purity epoxy resin to prevent corrosion of electric materials


With the miniaturization and high performance of information terminals such as smartphones and computers, materials containing low chlorine content as impurities are required to ensure the long-term reliability of electronic materials. To meet this demand, we developed epoxy resins with low chlorine content to prevent the corrosion of electronic materials. We have grades of bisphenol A type and F type epoxy resin with low chlorine content produced using our special technique. We are also focusing on developing custom grades and accept orders for low-chlorination.


Circuit boards of information terminals

[High-purity epoxy resin]

Semiconductor sealing materials

[High-purity epoxy resin]


Underfill, Die bonding paste, Die bonding film, Conductive adhesives, etc.



LX-01 is a low-chlorine bisphenol A type epoxy resin.


LX-02F is a low-chlorine bisphenol F type epoxy resin.

Basic Property

Grades LX-01
(Bisphenol A type)
(Bisphenol F type)
Clear liquid Clear liquid
Epoxy equivalent
170~190 156~180
5,000~10,000 2,000~5,000
<1 <3
Harsh Hydrolysable Chloride Cont.
<5 <10
Total Chlorine Cont.
<50 <100
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