Crucial separation media in pharmaceutical industry for analysis and production


Spherical silica gel for chromatography (the most sophisticated kind of silica) is a tool to separate different chemical compounds or molecules.
The leading Sol-Gel manufacturing method of OSAKA SODA under ISO 9001 control provides the highest quality bare silica gel. OSAKA SODA is able to supply wide range of different particle sizes (from 1.7 micron to 50 micron) with pore size choices from 60 to 2000 Angstrom.
The industry first GMP* compliant silica surface modification facility turns the bare silica to bonded stationary phases varying from C18 to C1 modifications.
Industrial scale production started more than 20 years ago, but insistent R&D activity keeps DAISOGEL™ at the cutting edge, ahead of competition.
The more than 300 different DAISOGEL™ products are sold world-wide, our customers are the major international pharmaceutical companies.


* GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice): A standard for manufacturing and quality management of drugs and quasi drugs.

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GMP compliant modified silica gel production facilities


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