Environment-friendly resins without phthalate structure


The non-phthalate allyl resin called “RADPAR™” has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and low coloring property. For these reasons, the resin is used as a raw material for environment-friendly UV inks. RADPAR™ is used for UV inks because of its quick-drying properties like DAP resin, which contributes to improving printing speed. In addition, unlike DAP resin, RADPAR™ dissolves in monomers and resins, which allows a wider range of applications.


Printing for plastic substrates, etc.


Electrical components




UV offset ink, UV paint for hardly adhesive substrates, polyester molding material



RADPAR™ AD-032 developed using our special technology, is suitable for UV ink applications for food packaging in countries with high demand for environment-friendly products such as Europe and the U.S.


RADPAR™ AD-044  has high adhesion to hardly adhesive substrates such as PP and PET. It is already used in UV inks and paints for hardly adhesive substrates.

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