Something Better with Chemicals.
That is Our Aspiration.

Kenshi Terada<br/>President&CEO<br/>OSAKA SODA CO., LTD.
Kenshi Terada

Founded in 1915, Osaka Soda set a path for domestic production of caustic soda as the pioneer of industrial scale manufacturing by electrolysis.Since that time, Osaka Soda Group has contributed greatly to the development of industry by supplying various chemical products through our unique technology including basic chemical products that we have manufactured since our founding, and functional chemical products focused on Global Niche Top (GNT) and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and their intermediates.At present, we are engaged in building the business structure centered on the high- value-added products, along with the expansion of functional chemical business and health-care-related business, and the creation of new businesses with a focus on the fields of the biotechnology and the environment, aiming to “Be a company creating new value with specialty chemicals”.In order to achieve this, Osaka Soda Group will continue pursuing the possibility of chemistry and undertaking the creation of innovative products that contributes to the development of industry and society as a corporate group with true energy for challenging new fields and innovative capability.