Mission Statement

To realize an affluent society by developing innovative products

through our aspirations for high standards

Corporate Logo


Our new logo symbolizes a further creation of new values and continuous leap forward based on the long-developed technology by our group companies, using “O” and “S.”


The design suggests an image of a bird taking wings to which our group companies are compared and its heart-like form represents our contributive attitude toward the realization of an affluent society.

Corporate Slogan


A red line added to the corporate slogan represents our challenging passion for developing innovative products with “high aspirations.”

Group Vision

Be a company creating new value with specialty chemicals

  1. Earning power
    Strengthen high-value added specialty chemicals
  2. Growth potential
    Engage in businesses that can compete in markets with a high growth potential
  3. Technology
    Develop original technologies with the frontier spirit
  4. Strategic investments
    Promote strategic investments based on stable financial base
  5. A corporate culture that embraces challenges
    Develop human capital with courage, passion, creativity, and energy