Liaisons among three organizations increase our capacity to create new business, creating "Only One" value.

Osaka Soda has created numerous specialty chemicals using our uniquely creative manufacturing, providing products that have taken the top share globally.

To further accelerate the creation of new businesses in the field of specialty chemicals, we have established a New Business Promotion Div. that combines sales, manufacturing, and development functions. By carrying out all steps from identifying new product needs to development, scaling up and developing markets within a single department, we can bring products to market even faster.In addition, in the R&D departments of business divisions that handle the expansion of existing markets, we specialize in edge development for existing business peripheries, and work on developing new grades and new uses.

Fostering and strengthening the core technologies that support this development is the role of the Innovation Center in the Research & Development Division. The Center delves deep into core technologies and creates new products and technologies to respond to market needs, as well as working to increase the added value of existing products and reduce costs. Through close links with these organizations with different roles, Osaka Soda will not only increase the pace of our development, but also create "Only One" value and contribute to bringing about a richer society.