Developing new markets, along with furthering current products.

The two R&D organizations create “Only One” value.

Osaka Soda produces specialty chemicals through proprietary manufacturing processes and offers products that command top shares in global markets. The source of this creativity is our two pillars of research and development, which are the Innovation Center in the Research & Development Division, and the R&D Departments of each business division.

The Research & Development Division is responsible for a range of activities, from exploratory research on technological seeds to the development of new products and new technologies. Moreover, in collaboration with the Sales Department, it identifies needs, conducts surveys, and undertakes market development activities, among other development activities aimed at the early commercialization of innovations.

Further, the R&D Departments support the growth of our existing businesses through the development of applications that meet the diversifying needs of customers and through the improvement of products.With the opening of its Corporate R&D Center, Osaka Soda will be able to further increase development speed and further contribute to the creation of an affluent society through the creation of “Only One” value.