A group of technology development engineers

with a entrepreneur mindset creates unique value.

Osaka Soda has produced many specialty chemicals having world top shares based on our innovative and unique technology.

The Development & Commercialization Division(D&C Div.), comprising a group of technology development engineers with entrepreneur mindset, will promote new products from development to commercialization in an integrated manner. It will start the new business early by placing the Innovation Center that aims to improve fundamental technology, the core of Osaka Soda, directly under the Division.

Under the D&C Div., we have integrated the function of technology development into innovation center and established the group of development planning. This promoted the development of products in-depth around existing business, new grade, and new application while strengthening collaboration with business units.

The D&C Div. is also developing innovative processes associated with the reduction of environmental loads and increasing efficiency in cooperation with the Engineering & Technology Division.

Osaka Soda strongly accelerates the speed of commercialization through close cooperation with the organizations having different roles and also creates unique value that will enrich society in the future.